Orders are collected from Monday to Friday. Your order will be assembled in 1-3 business days depending on the workload.

After that, the goods will be shipped and delivered within 3-5 business days.

Kaikki tuotteet myydään Virossa ja tuotteiden omistus muuttuu myös Virossa. ei järjestä kuljetuspalvelua itse.

For transport, home delivery is arranged by Kombo Grupp OÜ. They take care of all the home deliveries.

0 – 30 kg – 23.99 €
31 – 60 kg – 29.99€
61 – 350 kg – 93.99€
351 – 700 kg – 129.99€
701 – 1400 kg – 249.99€

We will notify you by email when your order has been shipped.

You must notify your order to Customs (Finland), as the information is not automatically passed from us to Customs.

We pack all shipments in accordance with the packaging instructions of the most common transport companies, safely and sustainably.